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         《Fertilizer View》 | 肥料周刊 |

《Fertilizer View》

《Fertilizer View (肥料视野)》是一本服务肥料行业的英文版国际性刊物。依托于FSHOW肥料展,《Fertilizer View  (肥料视野)》聚焦植物营养、灌溉施肥、特种肥、生物刺激剂和精准农业等领域,读者主要面向FSHOW肥料展观众及全球肥料生产商、经销商和农技师等。订阅免费!



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● Fertilizer Makers Look to Sea for Green Growth

● Nitrogen Fertilizer Shortage Threatens to Cut Global Crop Yields -CF Industries

● Phosphorous Is a Finite Resource so Researchers are Recovering It from Sewage

● List of CAC Awards Winners: International Influential Brands, Excellent Fertilizer Exporters, 

    CAC Recommended Suppliers 2020, Overseas Market Expansion Award

● A Soil Scientist's Perspective: Carbon Farming, CO2 Certification & Carbon Sequestration in Soil

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● To Cut Nitrogen Pollution, Move Past the Synthetic-Organic Debate

● Africa's Fertilizer Sector and the Bank's High 5s

● Beyond the Pandemic: Harnessing the Digital Revolution to Set Food

    Systems on a Better Course

● Why Nutrient Transport Is Key to Optimal Crop Development

● Plant-Soil Interactions: Nutrient Uptake

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●Fertilizer import and export data of China from January to June 2020 

●Bayer: Increase the Distribution of Digital Agriculture in China

●The Netherlands: This Tiny Country Feeds The World

●Rising Uncertainties From Covid-19 Cloud Medium-Term Agricultural Prospects

●Vertical Farming: How Plant Factories Stack Up Against Field Agriculture

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●Influence of Covid-19 on Global Fertilizer Industry

●Organic Fertilizer Production and Application in Vietnam

●China's Agriculture Upgrade to Accelerate in Next Decade

●In Pics: Vegetable Production Hub in South China's Hainan

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